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Download the latest version of Acronym. The A is the first letter of Acronym. Only a Few of the 26000 Homemade Acronyms You Should Know ab. Definition. The Acronym Dictionary is the ultimate collection of Acronyms and Acronym Terms. com, a free Acronym API for the easiest way to use a public Acronym API. Testimonials. Time-saving and interactive, it shows Acronyms with their definitions, and supports acronym. The Acronym Annotator was designed to be used as a Microsoft Access custom form. Acronyms with definitions. By: Jenna Lee September 17, 2013 Twitter has grown into one of the most popular social networks. If you're looking for a quick, one-click way to add a new Acronym (short for acronym) and a definition, you're in the right place. Help with Acronyms. ACRO: An acronym for Acronyms [1] Definition of ACRO in the Cambridge English Dictionary. He is also a musician, journalist, poet and teacher. TTF-Acronym Inoculated and cured From the Producer. The Acronym Dictionary is a free web application developed by the UC Irvine Information Technologies Graduate Program. I’m looking for the keyword Acronym to be the name of a blog. This Annotator is used as a. Classroom lesson that defines an acronym using an actual example. And yes, there is a complete list of definitions for each acronym or term found on this site. Acronyms are often used in marketing to describe an item, but can be used in every field. The Acronym Annotator is a free web app designed to help researchers save time by creating and managing annotations on their source data. May 21, 2018 · Definition of Acronym. Acronym Help. We use cookies to help us offer you a better website. Reference and guidance on the use of acronyms, their meanings, and their acronyms. The Acronym Annotator allows you to create, share, and find acronyms. We use cookies to help us offer you a better website. An acronym is a short form of a word or phrase, often used in marketing and other communications that saves space. Acronyms are sometimes used in business to give a succinct name to a word or phrase; in this case, they usually replace an existing term with a shorter, easier-



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